Carpet Flooring

When it comes to flooring, it’s safe to say that carpet is the most cost-effective and quickest floor covering.  It is also the easiest to be installed, which saves you even more money.  The best part: it doesn’t take an expert to pick a quality piece of carpet.  Don’t waste your time trying to figure out the details of the fibers or warranties of various carpets, instead spend your time actually feeling carpet in your hands.  You’ll quickly be able to tell whether or not a certain carpet is of high quality.  After you have found the perfect feel or construction of a carpet, you can move forward and choose the right colors, fibers, and features you seek in your carpet.


Residential Carpet Installation

Textured Carpet

Textured Carpet, also called Cut Pile and Plush Carpet, is a traditional type of carpet that is quite common in Colorado.  A textured carpet with high density will form a solid, flat surface that causes spilled items, dirt, and allergens to rest on top of the carpet.  When selecting a textured carpet, find one that can support a brick without the carpet fibers falling flat underneath – that will show you that you have found a dense carpet.


Loop Carpet

Loop Carpet is crafted by tufting the fibers into loops that are not sheared.  The downside to loop carpeting is that the loops can be snagged easily, especially by pets.  When these carpets snag, the damaged part runs and proceeds to ruin a large portion of the carpet.  Loop carpets typically cost more to install, depending on the quality of the carpet.  Loop carpets come in varying fibers, styles, and densities.


Pattern Carpets

Pattern Carpets have gained popularity in recent years due to the unique design element they bring to a room.  Be mindful when selecting a pattern carpet, since many patterns can be too formal for the average home.  The key to finding the perfect pattern for your project is to select a subtle pattern that accents the room, instead of overpowering it.


Frieze Carpets

Recognize a frieze carpet by the characteristic loose twists.  Frieze carpets, also called Cut Pile Berbers, look fun and wild.  These twisted carpets frequently come with flecks or specks of color.  These help to hide impurities and small stains in the carpet.  The downside with frieze or cut pile berbers is that the looseness can appear wormy and messy at times.  Additionally, these tend to be less dense which leads to more signs of wear over time.  Depending on the color and flecks, frieze carpets can be the most fun and exciting looking carpet option.


Carpet Fiber: Nylon

Nylon is a fiber-forming substance made from petroleum.  This material has been used in carpeting since the 1950s for both commercial and residential buildings.  In fact, 65% of face fibers in carpet are made from nylon.  Often regarded as the best and most reliable carpet fiber, nylon fiber is sure to stay a common staple for years to come.


Carpet Store Colorado Springs

Carpet Installation Services

Our full service carpeting works for residential and commercial projects, both new and old.  We have worked with homeowners and contractors to create beautifully carpeted living and office spaces.  Come by and start feeling the different carpets that we have to offer.  No amount of online research can beat the genuine feeling of the perfect carpet for your tastes; you’ll know you’ve found the right carpet as soon as you feel it.  Our flooring experts are ready to help you find and install carpet in your home or commercial building along every step of the way.  Stop by our showroom today to discover your brand new carpet!